mercredi 30 novembre 2016

CM JONES (GUEST) 06/12/16

  1. CM JONES-Motions (outro)
  2. FABIANO ORCHESTRA-pointe des chateaux
  3. JOSEF LEIMBERG-Between Us 2 (f. BILAL)
  4. JEAN LUC PONTY-In case we survive
  6. WOODY HERMAN-The first thing i do
  7. YUSSEF KAMAAL-Yo chavez
  8. LONNIE LISTON SMITH-Beautiful wowan
  9. SHAFIQ HUSAYN-On your way home
  10. WAR-Lotus blossom
  11. FITZ GORE-Gisela (Lion rock)
  12. MAKAYA McCRAVEN-Just stay right here
  13. CREESTAL-More days (Skit)
  14. ANDY BEY-I know this love can't be wrong
  15. CREESTAL-Smell it (Skit)
  16. CM JONES-Strive
  17. CREESTAL-Hottest time 

CM Jones (French producer Creestal + American Mc Mo Shadee)
drop a jazz selection (Original samples for their last release Motions on Munchie records)

The aura, feelings, vibe, and sound of a life story.
Movement, ups & downs, emotions, trials, and tribulations
forming the tittle M O T I O N S.

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