jeudi 24 mai 2012


  1. EBONY JAM-Ride on
  2. DANNY WILLIAMS-Rat race
  3. THE MAKERS- Don't challenge me
  4. REGIONAL GARLAND-The Disco jam bam bam
  5. BROTHERS UNLIMITED-Take me back
  6. LOVELITES-Certain Kind of lover
  7. BLACK NASTY-I must be in love
  8. WINDY CITY-Hey its over
  9. MARVELLE HAMPTON-I truly believe (in love)
  10. ELIMINATORS-Loving explosion
  11. NITE-LITERS-Afro strut
  12. BILL MOSS-Sock it to'em soul brothers
  13. REGIONAL GARLAND-I need love (band 45)
  14. SATISFACTION UNLIMITED-Seeing you through the eyes
  15. JUNEI-Let's ride
  16. GUITAR RED-Disco from a space show
  17. REGIONAL GARLAND-I'm sad (broke up)
  18. DIONNE WARWICK-You're gonna need me
  19. JEFF Phelps-Excerpts from autumn
  20. LUTHER DAVIS GROUP-To be free
  21. DEE & JOE-Who is it gonna be
  22. REGIONAL GARLAND-Are we through
  23. BABY HUEY-Hard times
  24. COTILLION-If you give a dance

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